For more than 5 generations now, we have been taking care of your well-being in this splendid countryside location. Situated slightly above Reichenau we have a wonderful view of Rax and Schneeberg, Feuchter as well as the neighbouring Rothschild Castle.

Sustainability and conservation of resources - our contribution to ensuring that our children will also live in a beautiful world.

For many years we have been expanding our business in accordance with ecological standards. The heating of the entire hotel is run by our own small thermal power station, which uses wood chips from our own sustainable forestry.

The water supply comes from the springs located on the own property. The drinking water wells in the house are revitalized according to the Grander method.

In the meantime, two electric cars and an electric bus have also found their way into our fleet, enabling us to provide our guests who arrive with electric vehicles with a charging station.

We also attach great importance to regional products for our cuisine and thus support quality and shorter supply chains with less packaging:
- We obtain our pork and beef with the AMA seal of approval directly from the slaughterhouse.
- Fruit and vegetables are mostly purchased directly from fruit traders or wholesalers and are delivered in bulk without plastic packaging.
- Homemade sausages made by our chef
- Homemade syrups filled in glass bottles
- Marmalades of fruit from our own gardens
- Organic milk for breakfast from the organic farm "Erlachhof".
- Onions, potatoes and eggs directly from farmers in Lower Austria