If you have already got to know our house, why not come again with your family.

Experience an ideal setting away from the streets - in the midst of nature - surrounded by woods and beautiful countryside - there is plenty of room to romp around and chill. A paradise for children and an oasis of relaxation for parents.

For the children there is plenty of space to play and let off steam. Swings and slides, climbing, a cable car, a sandpit and above all the large grounds with its little and big secret places to be explored that will satisfy all young guests.

Various playground equipment on the hotel grounds

In the petting zoo the children can experience, observe and - if they are very calm and above all kind to the animals - also stroke our rabbits, sheep, chickens, ducks, ponies, goats, pot-bellied pigs and cats.

Experience nature

But the most fascinating thing for city children is exploring nature, with their parents or alone.

The frogs, fish and dragonflies at the pond, the various butterflies in the sun or the fire salamanders just getting warm - there is so much to discover, you just have to look around.

Observe nature

Further activities

Playground at the Park Café

But there are many other alternatives besides the hotel grounds, including:

The playground at the Parkcafé, Grillenberg exhibition mine, historic local railway, minigolf in Payerbach, and much more

Night hiking with torches

For the older ones a torchlight hike led by responsible adults is of course a highlight.

Please inquire with us in advance about the danger of forest fires!

Torch-lit hiking